Pers is a Peruvian-owned entertainment company created in March 2003 with headquarters in Lima, Perú and California, USA. Pers is committed to using the latest developments in technology to create unique and inspiring entertainment of the highest quality.

Jorge Tello Aliaga, founder of Pers, has over 15 year of experience in User Interface Design. He has been Interface Designer for Apple Computer and Design Manager at Adobe Systems in charge of the Creative Suite (Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, GoLive) and was the inventor of the Adobe Bridge.


Pers Development offers Visual Designs services to the leading software companies in the US., to whom we provide Web Development services, which includes: Graphic Design for Web, Web Page Programming, Interface Design, Design and Flash and E-Commerce Development.


Pers publishes books, develops software, and manufactures plush toys. Our "Pookie and Tushka" and "Blobbies" toylines have won dozens of international awards, including Toy of the Year for the "Blobbiemorphers" toyline and Best New Childrens Book of the Year for "Pookie and Tushka find a little piano".

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