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Reviews and Testimonials for "Here Come The Blobbies®"

Reviews and Testimonials for the "Blobbiemorphers™"


Family Review Magazine
Family Review Magazine 2006 Award Winner:

"Remember the days of the Transformers? Children's eyes lit up as they saw the creatures transform before their eyes. Well, time for the Transformers to move over, and make room for the BLOBBIEMORPHERS! by Pers. These have got to be the most amazing, incredible, original and delightful toys to have swept across North America in ages. Blobbies, by Pers, are AWESOME!"

Better Homes and Gardens
Selected as one of the hottest holiday gifts of 2005 by Better Homes and Gardens magazine:

"Inspire young imaginations with this unusual stuffed animal, which morphs from an adorable blob into a reindeer. Others change into rabbits, dragonflies, dolphins and more."

Rev. James G.W. Fisher - The Toy Man
Blobbies - A New Dimension In Plush Animals:

"Innovative is a key word in the description of "Blobbies", one of the most incredible plush products in the plush category, ever seen before ... You can obviously see the uniqueness and quality at first glance, with the ingenious combination of the book, "Here Come The Blobbies", and the Blobbies themselves. A child can take their imagination in the story of the book and see it manifested in the plush Blobbies. This approach helps to stimulate a child's intellectual skills and creative thinking. A major plus in educational value."

iParenting Media
WINNER of SEVEN iParenting Media Awards:

"The positive characteristics of this product is the use of bright colors, and the detail of the animal that is transformed from the blobbie. And having a ribbon attached at each end of the zipper makes it easier for the children. The most positive characteristics of this product are that it can be used as a soft buddy pillow while also playing with it in an imaginary zoo. It taught a little about how to zip and fold and stuff for coordination skills."


"Wow, I downloaded a free Blobbiemorph game from the Mac website and showed my 3 year old daughter Jasmine how to play and she loved it! Then she wanted a Blobbiemorph toy and after visiting your site I decided to purchase the book/CD, T-shirts (seemed like a good deal) and one toy (seemed a little pricey.) WE ARE DELIGHTED!!! I had no idea the toy was soooo large and well made. She chose lavender and do you know what? It's personality is just like hers! We've read the book a couple of times already and played both games on the CD and listed to the songs. We stuck the stickers on the dresser so she can see them when she goes to bed! She wore her lavender blobbie shirt all day and to bed (LOL.) I know we will order more toys as money permits to add to her collection. If you ever need a little kids voice for animation just ask my 3 year old. You should hear her imitate the game "the blobbie shape challenge," etc., it's a hoot! Thanks again for your prompt service and wonderful product!"

Kathy Kelly-George, Atlanta USA, customer.

"I wanted to write to let you know that I received my order today! Thank you! I also have to say that these are the most adorable, cute, funny, wonderful stuffed animals that I have ever seen! I am so HAPPY with them. I only wish I had more nieces and nephews to give them out too! ... THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL TOY! (and at a very reasonable price!)"

Patty Wiegelman, New Hampshire USA, customer.

"I want to say I love your product. The blobbies are one of the best plush toys on the market. Its rare to find a truly unique reversible plush toy and the blobbies are it and the fact that there are seven totally different ones is a nice bonus keep up the good work and I look forward to the next generation of blobbies."
Ben Secrist, Kentucky USA, customer.

"Every parent and child loved the new innovative idea behind the Blobbiemorphers. They are really cool as they morph from Blobbie shape into a colorful animal shape. In fact, the teens went nuts over them too -- looks like there may be a new crowd of buyers for these!"
Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, Parent to Parent, CEO/founder of, and author of family/health book, Mommy-CEO.

"My kids loved the fact that this changed into something else and that they could do it on their own. That was the biggest hit for them, that they did not need Mommy's help to do it."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback. This program is so thorough it has attained ISO 9001:2000 Certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO is the world's largest developer of standardization regulations, and ISO 9001:2000 is an internationally recognized standard of quality assurance.

"I like the idea of a huggable transformer. My kids were very intrigued. I also thought it was nice to have the stuffed animal (eagle) for sleeping and the ball-shape for play time. My kids rolled it, kicked it and played catch with it in ball form.The most positive characteristic of this product would be that it is a soft, colorful toy. This toy can also be used like a cuddly pillow, or used as a zoo animal in imaginary play."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

"This toy is very bright, fuzzy and soft. My children liked how it can change from one thing into another. The zippers seem to be durable and appear that they would last through repeated usage from transforming the toy. It's soft and cute. It's also well made. We didn't have any trouble with the zipper catching when we changed it from one side to the other. It seems like it will hold up well, and it wipes clean of minor messes. The material was quality and felt really nice. The zipper was good quality as well. The yellow dolphin was enjoyed by my daughter and her friends."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

"The toy is soft and cuddly. My son liked being able to change the toy from the bunny to the green ball and back again. It was a fun size. The positive characteristic of this product is that it is a neat concept to have a stuffed animal that morphs into a blob and vice versa. I like that it is connected to other things, such as other blob characters, a Web site, a game, etc. This item is well made and withstands rough abuse. The zipper has helped some of the children learn to zip. It has helped with using those small hands to turn the green rabbit inside out and to manipulate those small hands."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

"The packaging made my daughter excited about opening it. The stuffed animal is very soft. It was a fun, quirky idea and I think my children liked the toy. They enjoyed trying to turn it from a blob to a animal, and back again and had smiles on their face when they were figuring it out. The product is incredibly soft and friendly looking after you have morphed it into the llama. The babies loved it the best and fight over it fiercely! The product was not difficult to change, and I think that the whole change from a round blob to a llama is pretty ingenious. I really liked the presentation (the box) and all the information that was on it."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

"The positive characteristic of this product is the use of bright colors that the children seemed to be drawn to. Also, having a loop of ribbon at the ends of the zipper made it easier for them to use the zipper. It's creative how the character can change with the zipper. My daughters love the fact that they can interact and change the character on their own and do not need Mommy's help. The look on their face when they do it 'on their own' is priceless!"
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

"This toy has a very cool concept. You start with one stuffed animal and it changes (morphs) into another one. The package was very appealing and we loved the colorful fur. I think this product is adorable. I love how it changes to a dragonfly in seconds. It's easy to do, my son loves it and it's easy enough for him to do it without asking me a million times to do it for him. The dragonfly is very soft and they use it as a pillow. They have learned to stuff it inside out and to zip it halfway."
iParenting Media Awards' sample evaluator feedback.

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