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Welcome to the Icelands, the magical lands of water and air.

Here lives Pookie the penguin, his good friend Tushka the polar bear, and the many creatures that share the Icelands. This is a land of joy, where music fills the air, and magic can be felt everywhere. But now something has happened ... there's no longer joy, the music is fading, and the magic of the Icelands … is misbehaving. Fierce magical storms have ravaged the cities, their inhabitants live in fear, and the unity of the Icelands has been broken. Pookie wishes he could help ... but what could the little penguin do?

And as he ponders the answer, the heavens ignite and a Magical Doorway rises before him. With Tushka by his side, Pookie decides to open the Door ... and the Universe unfolds ...


Ice Toss Frenzy - don't destroy, build.