Blobbiemorpher Llama

By mastering the calm Llama shape, Blobbie Blue is able to withstand extreme climates and climb altitudes as high as 16,000 feet (5,000 m). The Llama shape can communicate with other shapes through a series of vocalizations and body movements, and even by spitting. Its sharp fighting teeth can cut through many materials and can be used to protect itself from other shapes.

Though the Llama shape can resist many extreme climates, it can’t handle the combination of high heat and humidity.

Ice Math Ninja

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  • Based on the characters from the award winning book and CD-ROM set “Here Come The Blobbies”
  • FREE Limited Edition Trading card Included
  • Educational animal facts on the back of each box
  • 7 colorful designs: Red Reindeer, Orange Eagle, Yellow Dolphin, Green Rabbit, Blue Llama, Indigo Angelfish, and Violet Unicorn



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Ice Math Ninja the addictive game of numbers!Get Ice Math Ninja

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