Blobbiemorpher Apatosaurus

By mastering the peaceful Apatosaurus shape (sometimes incorrectly called “Brontosaurus”, a name no longer used), Blobbie Green becomes a colosal herbivore at 40 feet (12 m) tall and 90 feet (27 m) long. The Apatosaurus shape has a 25 foot (8 m) long neck which can reach high areas. Its gigantic tail can produce a whip-like cracking sound of over 200 decibels (as loud as a cannon) to scare off other shapes.

Though the Apatosaurus shape benefits from being one of the largest shapes to have ever existed, it requires constant consumption of energy.

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  • Based on the characters from the award winning book and CD-ROM set “Here Come The Blobbies”
  • FREE Limited Edition Trading card Included
  • Educational animal facts on the back of each box
  • 7 colorful designs: Red Tyrannosaurus, Orange Velociraptor, Yellow Pteranodon, Green Apatosaurus, Blue Triceratops, Indigo Stegosaurus, and Violet Apatosaurus



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