Blobbiemorpher Triceratops

By mastering the noble Triceratops shape, Blobbie Blue becomes a sturdy herbivore at 10 feet (3 m) tall and 30 feet (9 m) long. The Triceratops shape has unique frills and 3 large horns which can be thrust to inflict damage upon larger shapes that attack it.

Its powerful scissor-like beak has hundreds of closely packed grinding teeth and it is able to cut through many materials. Though the Triceratops shape’s beak is very sharp, it is mainly designed to tear up plants and it can crack under heavy attack from other shapes.

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  • Based on the characters from the award winning book and CD-ROM set “Here Come The Blobbies”
  • FREE Limited Edition Trading card Included
  • Educational animal facts on the back of each box
  • 7 colorful designs: Red Tyrannosaurus, Orange Velociraptor, Yellow Pteranodon, Green Apatosaurus, Blue Triceratops, Indigo Stegosaurus, and Violet Apatosaurus



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