Apotropaic Amulet

Do not be afraid to use magic against me; If you fear my apotropaic power, I no longer need your magical attacks to activate them. I will remove evil from me at all costs.


Magic can only be destroyed by fire, so I’ll burn all your magic cards in the Gray Area …  so they can’t bring ill to me again.

SÚPER Ignominy

You will even lose your own name, you will receive the most shameful of punishments; this will be exposed publicly so, in Blobbiemundo, decide well which card to draw because with SÚPER Ignominy you will be penalized just for putting a card.


Memory is fragile! But did you know that there is a technique for memorization, such as Mnemonics?. The brain has the ability to remember images. To pay more attention to unusual or extraordinary events, your brain groups them together and makes them easier to remember. So this Blobbie will not forget its active form during this turn, whatever your enemy does.

Awakening of the Gargoyles

Beware sinner! , I’m awakening my gargoyles, they will protect me from your evil or magical intentions. You thought they were fleeing demons, but they really are guardians. They have several forms and each one is more powerful than the other.

Pers Perú
Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Pers USA
Santa Clara, California, USA