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What’s the difference between Basic Mode and Advanced Mode?

In Basic Mode only two abilities are used: Attack and Defense; while the Advanced Mode uses all seven abilities: Attack, Speed, Confusion, Defense, Perception, Camouflage, and Weaponry. Also, in Basic Mode the Vitality Counters are not used, which means that the Blobbies never get “tired”.

What ages is it for?

The suggested ages are:

  • Basic Mode: 8 to 14.
  • Advanced Mode: 14+

It all depends on each player’s skills.

Where are the “Blobbies” characters from?

The Blobbies are characters from a Peruvian children’s book titled “Here Come The Blobbies”.

You can download the English version for FREE from here: “Here Come The Blobbies” eBook

What happens when two shapes with Confusion battle?

When two shapes with Confusion battle, they both use their “Confusión” vs. their opponent’s “Defense”. If only one has a higher Confusion than the opponent’s Defense then the opponent is stunned. If both’s Confusions are higher than each others’ Defenses, then both are stunned and the battle ends.

Are there “shiny” o “rare” cards in the decks?

Cards with a “shiny” effect are called “Refractive” in Blobbiemundo.

Each starter deck contains a Refractive Card and more can be found in our boosters.

Where can I buy Blobbiemundo?

Blobbiemundo is ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPANISH at the moment, but we are working on an English version and worldwide distribution. If you are interested in Blobbiemundo, please let us know and we’ll keep you updated.

Blobbiemundo is currently sold only in Perú, but we accept international orders via or you can write us at

Our points of purchase in Perú are here:

Are there other characters besides the Blobbies?

Yes, in future decks and expansions there will be new characters such as the Hexacones, Tetramids, and Microhedrons with their own weaponry and gameplay.

Can I use a Blobbie of one color with a Shape of another color?

Only if you use the Prism Cosmic Card.

This card will be available in the next booster expansion.

What happens if you use Amnesia on a Stuck shape?

Amnesia would erase all of the Blobbie’s learned shapes, and it would be stuck on the basic blobbie shape for the rest of the Combat.

Can I activate Cosmic Cards during my opponent’s turn?

You can activate Cosmic Cards during your opponent’s turn when:

  • Your opponent has declared Battle against one of your Blobbies.
  • Your opponent has used a Cosmic Card against you.

What’s the difference between Combat and Battle?
  • Combat is the entire game match.
  • Battle is the moment when you attack an opponent’s Blobbie. There can be multiple Battles in a turn.

What is Blobbiemorph! for?
  • To perform combos when battling (for example, use a fast shape to reach an opponent and then use Blobbiemorph! to blobbiemorph into a stronger shape and defeat you opponent).
  • To blobbiemorph into a shape in your hand, when you are being attacked.
  • To avoid being stuck in a shape that is not to your advantage (Blobbiemorph! is an instant card and it activates before the Stuck card).

NOTE: Blobbiemorph! requires that you have suficiente Blobbie Essence and Vitality.