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Inkas’ Press Kit

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INKAS: The Legend is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players that transports them to a mystical time of spirits, monsters and dragons, where they must battle gods and enemy nations in their quest to be the first to find the magical place where the city of Qusqu (Cusco) must be founded. Whoever founds Qusqu will have dominion over the Tawantinsuyu: the four regions of the Inka Empire.

Inspired by the creationist myth of the Ayar siblings, this game brings focus to the descendants of the inhabitants of ancient Peru and the Americas. Pers’s goal is for this game, and the stories based on the characters from INKAS: The Legend, to offer an additional source of pride for people of Andean descent, especially to kids longing for “superheroes” based on their culture.

To stay in line with the objectives of INKAS: The Legend, the names of the characters and provinces present in the game are written in Quechua, the language of the Inkas which is still spoken by 10 million people in areas of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile.

Quechua is an endangered language and UNESCO fears that, unless something is done about it, Quechua will become extinct within 30 years. With INKAS: The Legend we hope to bring some awareness to this language and help with its survival.

The Print & Play version of INKAS: The Legend is now available for free on, and in mid-2020 Pers will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a packaged version of this game with Inka warrior miniatures.

The Story

The teenage Ayar siblings, considered the chosen children of the almighty god Wiraqucha, must quest in search of the promised land of Cusco, where they must establish a new mystical Empire that will stand against the ancient evil that is taking over the Cosmos.

Using the magical weapons given to them by the goddess Waqaychaq Mama, the Ayar siblings must battle demonic creatures and the armies of the Chanka nation, lead by the evil Yawar Supay and their dragon god Amaru.

The Ayllus

Up to 4 ayllus (teams/families) can battle simultaneously (against each other or teaming up) in their quest to found Cusco. These ayllus are: the Inkas, the Quyas, the Chankas, and the Supays. There is an additional 5th ayllu, the Amarus, which the other 4 ayllus can add to their ranks during gameplay.

All the ayllus are influenced by the gods.


Ayllu formed by the four Ayar Brothers … and an enigmatic ally. Considered to be the sons of the god Wiraqucha, born through human parents, they have incredible abilities and are the owners of the Electromagnetic Force Weapons. They are also known as the Children of the Sun and they are the spouses of the Quyas.

This Ayllu is part of the Inka Nation. Its emblem is the Golden Inti. Members: Ayar Manqu, Ayar Awqa, Ayar Kachi, Ayar Uchu, and an enigmatic ally.


Ayllu formed by the four Ayar Sisters … and an enigmatic ally. Considered to be the daughters of the god Wiraqucha, born through human parents, they have incredible abilities and are the owners of the Primordial Elemental Staffs. They are also known as the Daughters of the Moon and are they are the wives of the Inkas.

This Ayllu is part of the Inka Nation. Its emblem is the Silver Killa. Members: Mama Uqllu, Mama Qura, Mama Waqu, Mama Rawa, and a secret ally.


Ayllu formed by five warriors of Chanka royalty. Direct descendants of the mythical warriors Usquwillka and Anquwillka, they have superhuman vitality and are the owners of the Hypervysic Force Weapons. They were gathered and trained by their god Amaru to conquer nations.

This Ayllu is part of the Chanka Nation. Its emblem is the Lead Hawcha. Members: Yawar Supay, Wayra Shumaq, Yana Uru, Sinchi Thupaq, and Amsay Rumi.


Ayllu formed by the five most fearsome Supays (demons) that inhabit the Ukhu Pacha. Created by the archaic science of the serpent god Amaru, these genetic aberrations possess terrible abilities, and an appearance that complements them. On occasion allies of the Chankas, frequently enemies of everything that lives.

This Ayllu is part of the Chanka Nation. Its emblem is the Iron Awkayuq. Members: Simpira, Qarqacha, Ukumari, Manchay, and Ñak’aq.


Ayllu formed by the five Elemental Amarus. Created by the black magic of their god Amaru Wiraqucha and the primordial essences of the Elemental Spheres. Neither benevolent nor evil, these serpent-dragons are temperamental forces of nature that must be respected and feared.

The emblem of this Ayllu is the Copper Chaska. Members: Ninamama, Wayramama, Yakumama, Sachamama, and Ch’usaqmama.

The Roles

Each walla (warrior, pronounced “wah-jah”) has a different role to play in their ayllu, with unique skills that helps their team during a quest. The five roles are: Guide, Explorer, Fighter, Hunter, and Shaman.

Each miniature has an elemental color in their base, which denotes its role: Fire (Guide), Air (Scout), Water (Fighter), Earth (Hunter), and Void (Shaman).


Walla in charge of protecting their ayllu and providing them with safe passage. Abilities:

  • Protection: Protects all allies in the same wamani for up to 2 attacks.
  • Transportation: Can instantly transport all allies in the same wamani to any other wamani in the same suyu.
Walla in charge of exploring wamanis and transporting objects. Abilities:
  • Flight: Can move over walls as if they didn’t exist.
  • Velocity: Can move 2 wamanis per turn in any direction.

Walla with powerful weaponry and long distance attacks. Abilities:

  • Reach: Can attack walla that are located one wamani away from him.
  • Overcharge: Can attack with double the energy of a regular attack.

Walla capable of ambush and stealing objects. Abilities:

  • Ambush: When attacked, he can steal the opponent’s turn and attack first.
  • Steal: Can steal the Tupayauri from wallas located one wamani away from him.

Walla able to perform spells and summon spirits. Abilities:

  • Paralysis: Can paralyze all enemies within his city.
  • Evocation: The Shaman can use the power of any allied walla who is dead within the Tawantinsuyu.