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Apotropaic Blobbie Red

Blobbie Red, loves action and can never sit still. Enjoys doing sports and all kinds of physical work. Always persistent until reaching its goals. Prefers working and playing in a group rather than alone. Likes finding challenges.

Sometimes a bit selfish and too impulsive.


To every action there is an equal reaction but in the opposite direction; Although Newton was referring to physical forces, this implies that every action you take will have consequences. In this case it will be public dishonor. And if you steal something you won’t be able to use it.

Red Ax

Axes exist since the Paleolithic, but this specific one exists since the middle ages that are characterized by the introduction of iron and steel in their manufacture, The Danish long ax was originally a lumberjack tool that, given the popularity of use in the villages from northern Europe, it ended up being used for military purposes, with various morphological variations to make it more suitable for military use.


They say that in war a small change can affect the result. Imagine if you could change the environment in which to battle, so that your enemy will be weaker and your skills become powerful. With this card, luck is always on our side.


A sculptor can create Gargoyles from the rock, as this card can bring Gargoyles from your deck. But every artist shows its art, so you must also show your Gargoyle.