All power requires responsibility, it is my decision whether to use it or not; If my foresight is correct I will weaken you, but if It’s wrong I’ll pay a high price.


I will not only protect myself from your attacks, but I will also attack you and I won’t need apotropaic powers to destroy you. I only need one to win, one to triumph, one to defeat you. WAKE UP!

Apotropaic Amulet

Do not be afraid to use magic against me; If you fear my apotropaic power, I no longer need your magical attacks to activate them. I will remove evil from me at all costs.


Magic can only be destroyed by fire, so I’ll burn all your magic cards in the Gray Area …  so they can’t bring ill to me again.

SÚPER Ignominy

You will even lose your own name, you will receive the most shameful of punishments; this will be exposed publicly so, in Blobbiemundo, decide well which card to draw because with SÚPER Ignominy you will be penalized just for putting a card.

Pers Perú
Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Pers USA
Santa Clara, California, USA