All life comes from life. And if you try to recover your vital essence, it will have a cost …
You will not be able to recover all the life you want, but maybe what you get will be enough to change the course of your battle.

Apotropaic Amulet

Do not be afraid to use magic against me; If you fear my apotropaic power, I no longer need your magical attacks to activate them. I will remove evil from me at all costs.


All power requires responsibility, it is my decision whether to use it or not; If my foresight is correct I will weaken you, but if It’s wrong I’ll pay a high price.


Magic can only be destroyed by fire, so I’ll burn all your magic cards in the Gray Area …  so they can’t bring ill to me again.


I will not only protect myself from your attacks, but I will also attack you and I won’t need apotropaic powers to destroy you. I only need one to win, one to triumph, one to defeat you. WAKE UP!

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