Red Lion

We bring back the Pleistocene, with one of the strongest animals ever seen! These extinct lions were 25% larger than the Africans lions we know today. You should fear him!

Super Gargoyle

Asleep I will have a powerful defense, but awake nothing will stop me; I will call upon my brothers and sisters to join me in battle and win the combat!

Violet Gargoyle

I’m VIOLET, I’m so ingenious that if you manage to wake me up, I’ll destroy your enemy without him even noticing.

Indigo Gargoyle

I’m INDIGO, I’m creative! If you manage to wake me up, your enemy won’t see me coming … until it’s too late!

Blue Gargoyle

I am BLUE, I’ll always keep you informed. If you manage to wake me up, you’ll never be ambushed.

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Pers Perú
Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Pers USA
Santa Clara, California, USA