Indigo Phorusrhacos

Although I look like just a bird, I was one of the top predators of my time and lived in Patagonia, although my appearance resembles an ostrich, my only relatives today are much smaller. You should fear me. #phorusrhacos

Blue Dorudon

Spear-tooth, that’s what they call me. I am an extinct genus of cetaceans. I became extinct about 36 million years ago … but you should definitely fear me. #dorudon #Blobbiemundo

Green Inostrancevia

I am an extinct genus, they used to call me a mammal-like reptile incorrectly, but if I am a carnivorous therapsid. I have warm blood and, for a time, I was at the top of the food chain. Get to know me! #Inostrancevia #therapsids

Green Talisman of Revitalization

Although we could be super strong, super fast, super smart or super clever, our disadvantage will always be fatigue. No matter what extraordinary abilities we have, every living thing needs to rest. Well no more! With this Talisman you can fight forever.

Pers Perú
Miraflores, Lima, Perú

Pers USA
Santa Clara, California, USA