Super Magic

Some consider it an art, others a hidden science. You can say a word or you can perform an act that produces a supernatural occurrence. But magic has always been everywhere, be it good or bad, white or black. Magic is still a phenomenon that has no rational explanation. This card has great power, but is it unstoppable?

Cloak of Invisibility

Does invisibility exist? Well, in Blobbiemundo, yes it does! Use this card and you can be like Harry Potter, so you won’t be seen on the battlefield and your blobbie will be safe for several turns! With the cloak of invisibility you will have a very powerful and tactical card that fits any deck. Hopefully, scientific advances will make invisibility possible one day!

Polar Bear

Shredding claws! Extreme cold resistance! In Blobbiemundo, the Polar Bear is categorized as blue, because of its uncanny olfactory perception that can sense you up to 30 km away! Have you already placed it in the battlefield? It’s the Polar Bear, one of nature’s top predators!

Ashaninka Archer

This powerful Archer comes from a large group of indigenous people from the Amazon who suffered a high time of violence, which is why she became an excellent warrior to defend their own. Do not hesitate to summon this warrior shape, she will defend your turn with her bow and arrow.

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