Green Hammer

These warhammers from the medieval era, was intended for close combat. It was a blunt weapon used to destroy your enemy’s armor.

Apotropaic Blobbie Orange

Blobbie Orange, loves nature in all its forms. Enjoys being outdoors, exploring the world and playing with animals. Always extroverted, sociable and friendly. Prefers being a leader rather than a follower. Likes to express its emotions.

Blobbie Yellow (Apotropaic)

Blobbie Yellow, loves learning and asking questions. Enjoys having fun with its knowledge and building things. Always responsible and dedicated. Prefers getting along with everybody rather than arguing. Likes its privacy.
Sometimes a bit insensitive and too serious.

Orange Halberd

Without weapons, human beings are not very strong or threatening. Now imagine if you could arm a Gargoyle! It would be almost unstoppable. You better fear him.

Yellow Flail

Did you know that most of these medieval weapons in their beginning were instruments for peasants, for example, flails were used to thresh cereal grans. But, if your enemy has one of these, you better be afraid.

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