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SÚPER Ignominy

You will even lose your own name, you will receive the most shameful of punishments; this will be exposed publicly so, in Blobbiemundo, decide well which card to draw because with SÚPER Ignominy you will be penalized just for putting a card.


Be careful what you do, because everything can come back to you. This is how Karma works. It is the cosmic law of retribution.

Watch your acts, good or bad, on that depends what will be returned. So you can receive a prize or a punishment. Good luck!


Memory is fragile! But did you know that there is a technique for memorization, such as Mnemonics?. The brain has the ability to remember images. To pay more attention to unusual or extraordinary events, your brain groups them together and makes them easier to remember. So this Blobbie will not forget its active form during this turn, whatever your enemy does.


I shall defend the cause, no matter if I’m persecuted because of it, no matter if I have to die for it, my convictions and my beliefs are clear and I’ll bear witness. With this card you can redirect any type of attack or Cosmic Card, so think wisely what you want to counterattack, escape. or resist.

Beware sinner! , I’m awakening my gargoyles, they will protect me from your evil or magical intentions. You thought they were fleeing demons, but they really are guardians. They have several forms and each one is more powerful than the other.