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The Blobbies®

Blobbies are friendly colorful beings that change shape at will. They are curious about the world, eager to learn new things, and always ready to have fun! Blobbies like to copy shapes that they learn about, be it geometrical shapes, plants, animals, or vehicles.

Blobbies were introduced to the world in 2003 via their book: “Here Come The Blobbies”, a sci-fi fantasy adventure with educational content, that has received several awards in USA including a “Book of the Year” award from Creative Child Magazine.

Their transforming plush toyline, the Blobbiemorphers, received a “Toy of the Year” award from Adding Wisdom Awards, a “Top Toy of the Year” award from Creative Child Magazine and it was selected as a “Hot Holiday Gift” by the Better Homes & Gardens Magazine in USA.

Each Blobbie is the physical representation of one of the 7 rainbow colors and has a unique personality type based on that color. Find out which Blobbie is most like you!

Blobbie Red
The Warrior 

Athletic, Energetic, Passionate, Self-Loving, Spontaneous, Instinctive, & Courageous.

Blobbie Red loves action and can never sit still. Enjoys doing sports and all kinds of physical work. Always persistent until reaching its goals. Prefers working and playing in a group rather than alone. Likes finding challenges.
Sometimes a bit selfish and too impulsive.

Blobbie Orange
The Venturer 

Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Emotional, Strong-Minded, Outgoing, Leading, & Confident.

Blobbie Orange loves nature in all its forms. Enjoys being outdoors, exploring the world and playing with animals. Always extroverted, sociable and friendly. Prefers being a leader rather than a follower. Likes to express its emotions.
Sometimes a bit inflexible and too opinionated.

Blobbie Yellow
The Savant 

Intellectual, Curious, Logical, Practical, Easy-Going, Joyful, & Mature.

Blobbie Yellow loves learning and asking questions. Enjoys having fun with its knowledge and building things. Always responsible and dedicated. Prefers getting along with everybody rather than arguing. Likes its privacy.
Sometimes a bit insensitive and too serious.

Blobbie Green
The Healer

Helpful, Caring, Objective, Understanding, Harmonious, Generous, & Humble.

Blobbie Green loves helping others and taking care of everyone. Enjoys growing plants and raising animals. Always understanding and a good listener. Prefers to live life unnoticed rather than being famous. Likes to be open.
Sometimes a bit needy and too selfless.

Blobbie Blue
The Herald 

Communicative, Instructive, Wise, Loving, Loyal, Sentimental, & Introspective.

Blobbie Blue loves to share its experience and its feelings. Enjoys talking to new people and giving advice. Always truthful and honest. Prefers having a few close friendships rather than lots of friends. Likes its independence.
Sometimes a bit melancholic and too lonesome.

Blobbie Indigo
The Artisan 

Artistic, Creative, Pleasant, Affectionate, Fun, Perceptive, & Unconventional.

Blobbie Indigo loves being creative and making beautiful things. Enjoys finding beauty in everything and everyone. Always good-natured and fun to be around. Prefers looking good and dressing up rather than looking plain. Likes being different.
Sometimes a bit insecure and too sensitive.

Blobbie Violet
The Sorcerer

Imaginative, Inventive, Spiritual, Benevolent, Self-Reliant, Intuitive, & Dreamful.

Blobbie Violet loves being a visionary and dreaming up things. Enjoys finding mysterious and magical things in life. Always striving to be better and improve the world. Prefers creating rather than copying. Likes inspiring others.
Sometimes a bit immature and too prideful.

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