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Carlos Ernesto

Author: Carlos Ernesto Rodriguez

Blobbie Blue (Apotropaic)

Blobbie Blue, loves to share its experience and its feelings. Enjoys talking to new people and giving advice. Always truthful and honest. Prefers having a few close friendships rather than lots of friends. Likes its independence.

Sometimes a bit melancholic and too lonesome.

Blue Maqana

This offensive weapon was commonly used in the arsenal of the Inka army. It can cause very serious injuries such as fractures and tears. There was a reason why the Inkas were one of the strongest civilizations that existed.

Blobbie Indigo (Apotropaic)

Blobbie Indigo, loves being creative and making beautiful things. Enjoys finding beauty ineverythingandeveryone.Alwaysgood-naturedandfuntobearound. Preferslooking goodanddressing upratherthanlookingplain.Likesbeingdifferent.

Sometimes a bit insecure and too sensitive

Blobbie Green (Apotropaic)

Blobbie Green, loves helping others and taking care of everyone. Enjoys growing plants and raising animals. Always understanding and a good listener. Prefers to live life unnoticed rather than being famous. Likes to be open.

Sometimes a bit needy and too selfless.

Indigo Dagger

This double-edged sword is longer than a dagger and shorter than a saber; It was a secondary weapon complementing a sword. And in Blobbiemundo, if you use magic, this doubles its attack power