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Pookie and Tushka

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Girls and Boys aged 4 to 7
Sentimental and Musical

A little penguin and a polar bear cub learn about friendship in a magical ice realm where every dream can come true.

• Promotes love for nature and the environment.

• Each episode will end with a song about that episode’s storyline.

• Based on the book “Pookie and Tushka find a little piano” winner of “Best New Children’s Book” from Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Awards.

• Book reached Top Kids’ Book at the Apple Store with almost 1 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating.


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Girls and Boys aged 5 to 9
Comedy and Action

Aided by two human siblings, a family of shapeshifting aliens called “Blobbies” must avoid being found out and captured by Earth’s scientists.

• Features hispanic siblings as the main characters.

• Blobbies have a unique personality type based on their color, so that kids of both genders can relate to them and learn to love their own unique personalities.

• Based on the book “Here Come The Blobbies” winner of “Book of The Year” from Creative Child Magazine.

• Trading card game and toys based on the Blobbies have been developed.

Dimension Invasion

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Girls and Boys aged 6 to 11
Comedy and Action

With the help of mystical glasses, 9-year old Dan Mason must fight inter-dimensional invaders that only he can see.

• Features a biracial hispanic family as the main characters.

• Features a character that is on the autistic spectrum.

• Promotes environmental awareness.

• Features scientific educational content.

• Storylines take place on an Elementary School setting.

INKAS: The Legend

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Girls and Boys aged 7 to 13
Action and Fantasy

A team of super-powered siblings must battle demons and enemy nations, in their quest to become the founders of the Inka empire.

• Features a cast of indigenous South American characters.

• Promotes awareness of the Quechua language which is listed on UNESCO’s list of endangered languages.

• Features strong female and male characters.

• Features facts and legends from South American cultures.