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Icelands Blobbieworld Unity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 20, 2003 — Pers® Publishing brings “The Blobbies®” to Earth in a series of educational and entertaining children’s picture books with interactive CD-ROM.

“Here Come The Blobbies”, the first book in the series, introduces the reader to the fantastic world of the Blobbies. In their first adventure, a mystical gate has opened and the evil Hexacones are unleashed upon Blobbieworld. The seven youngest Blobbies are forced to escape to Earth, where they must learn to use their shape-shifting abilities to defeat the invaders and reclaim their world.

This 40-page, full-color hardcover picture book is illustrated with a unique combination of computer-generated 3D images and hand drawn illustrations. The book includes bonus educational pages, and introduces “The Blobbie’s Personality Chart”, a color-based personality system created to help children learn about themselves, embrace their uniqueness and understand others. An interactive CD-ROM for Windows® and Macintosh® contains exciting games, educational activities and fun songs to complete the Blobbie experience.

“Here Come The Blobbies”, a picture book for children aged 5 and up, is offered at an introductory price of U$15.89 and is available for purchase now at and books stores everywhere.

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Here Come The Blobbies by Jorge. First edition. Ages 5 and Up

40 pages, Full Color, 10” x 10”, Hardcover, Free game CD-ROM

$15.89 Publication: July 28th

ISBN 1-932179-32-1 LCC 2002111938

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