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Icelands Blobbieworld Unity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 28, 2004 — Pers® Publishing is proud to announce that its first book in the Blobbies® series has received a Finalist Award for “Children’s Book of the Year” at the 2004 Foreword Magazine Awards. This series of educational and entertaining children’s picture books with interactive CD-ROMs has also received a Finalist Award for “Children’s Book of the Year” at the 2004 Writers Notes Magazine Awards.

Foreword Magazine writes: “An imaginative plot along with brilliantly colored characters set against a backdrop of jet black pages instantly lures the reader into the Blobbie Adventure … The visual impact of this book is threefold; the story written in text with magnificent illustrations, colorful educational material to augment the plot, and an interactive CD Rom in animation.”

“Here Come The Blobbies”, the first book in the series, introduces the reader to the fantastic world of the Blobbies. In their first adventure, a mystical gate has opened and the evil Hexacones are unleashed upon Blobbieworld. The seven youngest Blobbies are forced to escape to Earth, where they must learn to use their shape-shifting abilities to defeat the invaders and reclaim their world.

This 40-page, full-color hardcover picture book is illustrated with a unique combination of computer-generated 3D images and hand drawn illustrations. The book includes bonus educational pages, and introduces “The Blobbie’s Personality Chart”, a color-based personality system created to help children learn about themselves, embrace their uniqueness and understand others. The included CD-ROM for Windows® and Macintosh® contains exciting games, educational activities and fun songs to complete the Blobbie experience.

“Here Come The Blobbies”, a picture book for children aged 5 and up, is offered at an introductory price of U$15.89 and is distributed nationwide by Associated Publishers Group (APG). Available at, Fry’s Electronics, bookstores everywhere, and

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Here Come The Blobbies by Jorge. First edition. Ages 5 and Up

40 pages, Full Color, 10” x 10”, Hardcover, Free game CD-ROM

ISBN 1-932179-32-1 LCC 2002111938

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