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Icelands Blobbieworld Unity
Personality Chart

“Welcome to Blobbieworld, a land where Blobbies–pleasant, shape-changing space creatures–live and play. Here the seven youngest Blobbies, named for the colors of the rainbow, learn how to blobbiemorph into triangles, hexagons, cubes, pyramids, and other shapes. All’s peaceful until Blobbie Violet and Blobbie Indigo take a notion to go back into space and investigate the forbidden fruits there. In no time, the naughty baby Blobbies have awakened the slumbering Blobbie Void, releasing an army of evil Hexacones. The Blobbie children have no choice but to escape to a "long forgotten world" called Earth. Will they ever be able to vanquish the Hexacones and return to their beloved Blobbieworld?

Author/illustrator Jorge’s unusual picture book–part science fiction, part fantasy, part personality type test–manages to tell an exciting space adventure story while educating readers on such complicated shape concepts as polyhedrons and polygons. Pages in the back provide information about shapes, as well as a chart for readers to use to determine what Blobbie they most resemble. Blobbie Red, for example, also known as The Warrior, is "Athletic, Energetic, Passionate, Self-Loving, Spontaneous, Instinctive and Courageous." A CD-ROM is included, featuring "The Blobbie’s Shape Challenge," animations, an interactive personality chart, songs, and a bonus adventure story. (Ages 6 to 12)” — Emilie Coulter,



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