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Icelands Blobbieworld Unity
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Foreword Magazine

“Rating: 5 STARS

Experienced in writing children’s fiction as well as drawing stunning illustrations, the author has produced an exciting Science Fiction story in this book about Blobbieworld and the Blobbies who inhabit it. An imaginative plot along with brilliantly colored characters set against a backdrop of jet black pages instantly lures the reader into the Blobbie Adventure.

The Blobbies, who live far away in space, are friendly creatures that can change shape at will. The story begins when Blobbie Fire gives birth to seven Blobbie babies, each a different color. These newborns spend their first months of life playing with other Blobbies, and learning how to blobbiemorph into various mathematical shapes.

However, Blobbie Violet and Blobbie Indigo become bored with the shapes they can assume. Although it is strictly forbidden, they decide to enter outer space, and ask for Blobbie Void’s help. Surely, the oldest and largest Blobbie in existence knows new shapes as yet unseen. Unfortunately, when they wake up Blobbie Void, an army of evil Hexacones are released from its mouth. The Hexacones attack Blobbieworld, and all the Blobbies find themselves engaged in a full scale war.

Horrified the Hexacones have escaped, Blobbie Void transports all of the Blobbies to Earth. Once there, the creatures are amazed at all the unusual shapes they see; incredible shapes in all colors and sizes. After they practice morphing themselves into these new forms, the tiny creatures decide to return to Blobbieworld, fight the Hexacones by morphing themselves into different Earth shapes, and are successful in defeating the enemy.

This book not only contains a riveting tale for children, but also features additional educational material. Two pages of mathematical shapes – planar, solids, polygons, and polyhedrons – are illustrated and explained. The second set of informative pages are more entertaining than factual. Titled, "Which Blobbie is most like YOU?", it describes the individual color of each Blobbie, and it’s personality traits. Here, the author presents his moral; everyone is wonderfully unique. As a bonus, a CD Rom is taped to the back cover. It is labeled, "Blobbieworld Adventure", and features the Blobbie’s Shape Challenge. The visual impact of this book is threefold; the story written in text with magnificent illustrations, colorful educational material to augment the plot, and an interactive CD Rom in animation.” — Foreword Reviews



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