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Icelands Blobbieworld Unity
Personality Chart

Writer’s Digest

“The Blobbies are only found in seven colors and conventional shapes and they are bored. They want to travel in space and be free to change into whatever shape they want to. But the Blobbie Void won’t allow it and nobody disobeys the Blobbie Void. This science fiction picture book not only has a moving story of travel beyond the bonds of restriction, but also dazzles the reader with mind-bending illustrations. From the book’s binding, cover art, and on to the end of this pleasing book, the reader is entertainmed by a never-ending array of eye pleasing color. The colors are sure to be a big hit with kids whose eyes are always searching for entertainment. Younger kids will especially like this book for its eye appealing colors which so vividly tell a story of their own.” — Writer’s Digest



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