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Amaru Katari Wiraqucha

(pronounced “ah-mah-roo  ka-tah-ree wee-rah-ko-cha”, also spelled “Amaru Katari Wiracocha)

Amaru Katari is an enigmatic serpent-man who calls himself the god protector of the Chanka nation, adding “Wiraqucha” at the end of his name to pass himself as the almighty god.

Amaru Katari travels the world in a spiritual state. Legend tells that his physical body was destroyed thousands of years ago by an unknown god in an epic battle on Lake Titiqaqa.

Now, unable to affect the physical plane directly, he interacts with the world through his powerful magical abilities, and using the Chankas, Supays, Amarus, and other beings as puppets to carry out his plans.

Being trapped like a spirit on this Earth is a punishment for Amaru Katari and a source of great boredom. For this reason, Amaru Katari enjoys causing conflict among the savages of this Earth, since this is his main source of entertainment.


Amaru Katari is has knowledge of a multitude of ancestral magics and is capable of performing all kinds of spells, but usually needs a physical being to serve as an avatar to perform them.

Amaru Katari lives in a spiritual state that is immune to any physical attack. His spiritual body cannot directly affect the physical plane, so he is forced to manipulate physical beings to perform actions for him.

Amaru Katari Wiraqucha™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Gods rule the destiny of the Warriors and can accept offerings from them to favor them.

Amaru Katari is the protector of the Chanka nation, which includes the Chanka Ayllu and the Supay Ayllu.