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Ayar Awqa

(pronounced “mah-mah ok-llo”, also spelled “Mama Ocllo” in English)

Mama Uqllu is the youngest of the Ayar sisters.

It is believed that Mama Uqllu is a daughter of the almighty god Wiraqucha born through human parents, which is why she is considered a part human and part Wiraquchan. Uqllu has an extraordinary beauty, which is considered a sign of his Wiraqucha heritage.

Uqllu is a sweet and innocent teenager, with infinite patience and eternal sorrow in her eyes. Although on the outside she is sometimes too shy (to the point of stuttering when she feels embarrassed), Uqllu has unmatched inner strength, discipline, and courage, which she only shows when circumstances warrant, especially if someone needs protection.

Uqllu is in excellent physical condition, thanks to her Wiraqucha blood and her arduous daily exercises, which she has performed from an early age.

Uqllu’s favorite distraction is knitting, and usually knits wool while walking or resting. She loves to create new clothes, of which most are creations for her sisters or her parents, whom she loves and always tries to indulge.

Uqllu also loves cooking and she’s the favorite assistant of her older sister Rawa, from whom she learned this art. Uqllu is the best friend of all her sisters, whom she always listens to and gives advice.

Uqllu recently married (by arranged marriage) with dreamer Manqu. She admires Manqu’s noble soul and would like to know him better, but because of her own shyness, and Manqu’s insecurities, she has an awkward relationship with him.

Uqllu suffers from the injustice, violence, and poverty that her people go through … and that all peoples go through: allies and enemies. She would like to protect everyone, but she knows that’s impossible. But sometimes listening to Manqu talk about his dreams, with his naive optimism to improve the world, Uqllu comes to believe that maybe together they could create a change. And Uqllu is willing to support Manqu … if he just let her.


Having Wiraqucha’s blood running through his veins, Uqllu is gifted with agility, speed, and extraordinary dexterity, capable of performing complex acrobatic maneuvers with relative ease. Uqllu does daily exercises to keep her skills at an optimal level.



Uqllu is the guardian and protector of the Primordial Sphere of Fire, which was merged into her body with the archaic magic of Waqaychaq Mama. This Elemental Sphere covers Uqllu’s body with an aura that protects her against the damaging effects of the Primordial Fire. She can expand that aura to protect people or objects that are in physical contact with her.


Uqllu is also the owner of one of the Primordial Elemental Staffs, which was also given to her by Waqaychaq Mama.

With her Elemental Staff, Uqllu can access the mystical powers of the Primordial Sphere of Fire which gives her, potentially, absolute control over Primordial Fire (the second Primordial Element, which includes fire and other matter in a plasmic state).

In addition to controlling it, Uqllu can create Primordial Fire “out of nothing.”

The Elemental Staff like every Primordial Staff, is only a catalyst for the powers of the Primordial Sphere with which it is in contact. Outside the hands of Uqllu (and the other Quyas), the Staff is useless.

With the Elemental Staff, Uqllu can, among other things, project bursts of fire, create fire barriers, ignite long-distance objects, initiate volcanic eruptions, and control the planet’s Asthenosphere.

The control that Uqllu possesses over Primordial Fire will continue to increase over time.

Mama Uqllu™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior in charge of protecting the group and leading them on a safe path.
Guides have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Protection
• Energized Power: Transportation



Uqllu can use her Elemental Staff to create a wall of fire with high intensity heat that protects her and her allies against any enemy attack.


Uqllu can use her Elemental Staff to wrap herself and his allies (without causing any damage) in a fireball that accelerates to transport them to other cities.