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Mama Waqu

(pronounced “mah-mah wah-koh”, also written “Mama Huaco” in English)

Mama Waqu is one of the Ayar sisters, older than Qura by one year.

It is believed that Mama Waqu is a daughter of the almighty god Wiraqucha born through human parents, which is why she is considered a part human and part Wiraqucha. Waqu has great height and wavy hair, which are considered signs of her Wiraqucha heritage.

Waqu is a brave and joyful teenager, who on the outside appears to be as indestructible as her body, but on the inside she is more fragile than people imagine.

Because of her impressive physique, Waqu was raised as a warrior, and was always surrounded by men from an early age. Although Waqu was always destined to marry Kachi, she couldn’t help falling in love with several of her fellow warriors. Unfortunately, her imposing presence frightened men who considered her too masculine to consider her as a possible lover or partner.

Waqu decided to hide her internal pain and channel all her frustrations in the goal of becoming the best warrior in her nation and being better than any man. For this reason, Uchu considers her his right arm and respects her more than any other woman, including his own wife Rawa.

Waqu’s favorite weapon is the sling, with which there is no one who surpasses her in marksmanship and skill. And thanks to her indestructible body, Waqu is an unstoppable warrior who is a great advantage for the Inka army.

In Kachi, Waqu has found a perfect warrior companion who is almost equal in combat. But Waqu sometimes fears that, as a husband, Kachi is not attracted to her as he is towards other women … and one day he will leave her.


Having Wiraqucha’s blood running through his veins, Uchu is endowed with limited clairvoyance. Uchu can sense danger before it happens, which helps him predict the attacks of an enemy in combat. Uchu sporadically receives prophetic dreams.


Uchu is the holder of the Electromagnetic Force Weapon of Magnetism, which was handed to him by Waqaychaq Mama. This weapon gives him limited control over Primordial Magnetism (the fifth Primordial Wave, which includes ferromagnetism, paramagnetism, diamagnetism, etc.).

The weapon is composed of 3 parts: The Magnetic Rod, the Magnetic Blades, and the Magnetic Rope.


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Mama Waqu™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior with high power weaponry and long distance attacks.
Fighters have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Reach
• Energized Power: Overload



Waqu can use his Elemental Staff to shoot high pressure water with which she can attack over long distances.


Waqu can use her Elemental Staff to create an electrical storm of great destructive power.