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(pronounced “nee-nah-mah-mah”)

Ninamama is an amaru (dragon-snake) created by the black magic of the serpent-god Amaru Wiraqucha and the mystical essences of the Primordial Sphere of Fire, which was stolen from Waqaychaq Mama’s temple.

Ninamama lives in the subsoil, navigating the magma currents, and crawling through volcanic craters. This being of colossal dimensions, is a force of nature to which all kinds of natural phenomena are attributed, particularly forest fires and volcanic eruptions. It is said that offerings must be made to all Elemental Amarus to always have good weather.

Ninamama, being composed of Primordial Fire, is energetic, confident, impulsive, adventurous, and impatient. Ninamama has an affinity with beings that share her temper and can be invoked and controlled more easily by them. Ninamama tends to be defensive and attacks furiously with the slightest provocation.

Another characteristic that Primordial Fire gives her is a body that shines with the heat of underground magma and hair that flows like flames of fire.

Like all Elemental Amarus, Ninamama is extremely wise. It is said that many of the secrets of the universe are written on her skin and that, by offering her offerings and sacrifices, Ninamama grants wisdom and good fortune. Ninamama is a neutral being that can be conjured and controlled with magic and offerings. But conjuring Ninamama is something extremely dangerous, and she can easily turn against the one who invokes her.

When resting, Ninamama usually “dissolves” her body in fire, and becomes part of the Earth’s Asthenosphere.


Having been created from the essences of the Primordial Sphere of Fire, Ninamama’s body is composed of Primordial Fire. This grants her invulnerability against their damaging effects, the ability to turn her body into Primordial Fire, and limited control over Primordial Fire (the second Primordial Element, which includes fire and other matters in a plasmic state).

Ninamama can control the forces of nature related to the Primordial Fire, being able to control the planet’s Asthenosphere and cause forest fires, volcanic eruptions and paroxysms.

Other attacks include the ability to throw fire through her jaws.


Ninamama’s wings are armored and she can use them as a protective shield to repel attacks, and although they are too heavy to allow her to fly long distances, he can use them in combination with jets of fire to propel herself with gigantic “jumps.”

In addition to this, Ninamama possesses strength, sharp claws, and a tail with sharp edges that she can use to attack her enemies.

Ninamama, like all Amarus, has a penetrating and magnetic look capable of hypnotizing and attracting her victims.

Ninamama™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior in charge of protecting the group and leading them on a safe path.
Guides have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Protection
• Energized Power: Transportation



Ninamama can use her armored wings as a shield that protects her and her allies against any enemy attack.


Ninamama can propel herself with a stream of fire that allows her to “jump” long distances, transporting herself and her allies to other cities.