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(pronounced “sah-chah-mah-mah”)

Sachamama is an amaru (dragon-snake) created by the black magic of the serpent god Amaru Wiraqucha and the mystical essences of the Primordial Earth Sphere, which was stolen from the Waqaychaq Mama temple.

Sachamama lives on the ground, traveling underground, and crawling in the forests and jungles. This being of colossal dimensions, is a force of nature to which all kinds of natural phenomena are attributed, particularly landslides and earthquakes. It is said that offerings must be made to all Elemental Amarus to always have good weather.

Sachamama, being composed of Primordial Earth, is practical, cautious, patient, persevering, and stubborn. Sachamama has an affinity with beings who share her temperament and can be invoked and controlled more easily by them. Sachamama tends to take naps in an immovable state taking the appearance of rocks or tree trunks, covering her skin with plants and fungi. She is slow to react, but once in motion, she becomes an unstoppable force.

Another characteristic that Primordial Earth gives her is a body of black wood, covered in gold and sharp precious stones.

Like all Elemental Amarus, Sachamama is extremely wise. It is said that many of the secrets of the universe are written on her skin and that, by making offerings and sacrifices, Sachamama grants wisdom and good fortune. Sachamama is a neutral being that can be conjured and controlled with magic and offerings. But conjuring Sachamama is something extremely dangerous, and she can easily turn against the one who invokes her.

When resting, Sachamama usually “dissolves” her body on earth, and becomes part of the Earth’s Lithosphere.


Having been created from the essences of the Primordial Sphere of Earth, Sachamama’s body is composed of Primordial Earth. This allows her invulnerability against its harmful effects, the ability to convert her body into Primordial Earth, and limited control over Primordial Earth (the fifth Primordial Element, which includes earth and other matter in a solid state).

Sachamama can control the forces of nature related to Primordial Earth, being able to control the planet’s Lithosphere and cause landslides, sandstorms, and earthquakes.

Other attacks include the ability to spit a multitude of sharp stones through her jaws, in the form of darts or razors.


Sachamama’s hard wings aren’t suited for flight, but they serve as powerful blades that help her to move underground, cutting off any obstacle that presents itself. Sachamama can easily navigate underground, guided by the magnetic fields of the planet, and in this way, she can make surprise attacks on her victims. Sachamama can also create traps on the ground, similar to quicksand.

In addition to this, Sachamama possesses strength, sharp claws, a powerful beak and a pointed tail that can be used as a harpoon.

Sachamama, like all Amarus, has a penetrating and magnetic look capable of hypnotizing and attracting her victims.

Sachamama™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior capable of suprise attacks and seizing enemy objects.
Hunters have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Ambush
• Energized Power: Theft



Sachamama can travel underground and surprise her enemies before they can attack her.


Sachamama can create an earth-hand that can grab objects from a distance.