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Yana Uru

(pronounced “yah-nah oo-roo”)

Yana Uru is the youngest of the Chanka royalty warriors.

Being one of the direct descendants of the semi-divine warrior Anquwillka (“Ancovilca”), Yana Uru is endowed with royal blood that gives her body superhuman vitality.

Cheerful, playful, and cunning, Yana Uru is an attractive teenager with a smile that is innocent and mischievous at the same time. Because of her great lineage, she is considered royalty and is served by all Chankas. Although Yana was born of nobility, she considers herself one of the people and her best friends and confidants are her servants with whom she likes to talk and share gossip with, especially if they are about Wayra with whom she has a complicated friendship.

One of her best friends is her fellow warrior Amsay Rumi, whom she affectionately calls Rumi-Rumi. She enjoys his company and looks for any excuse to spend time with him.

Yana is an excellent athlete and very skilled with the bow and arrow. Since childhood, Yana always preferred to play with boys than with girls. She enjoyed competing with them, beating them, and sometimes humiliating them. Any boy who made the mistake of thinking that Yana was a delicate flower would quickly discover his great mistake. By spending so much time surrounded by men, Yana’s language and manners are not what is expected from a woman, especially one that belongs to the nobility.

Yana was raised to be Yawar Supay’s wife, who is more than twice her age. In a way she was a “gift” from the Chanka people to Yawar Supay. Although Yana loves and admires Yawar Supay, she is not sure what he feels for her. Yana feels that Yawar Supay doesn’t love her, and that she is just a precious trophy for him. Yawar Supay is generally distant from her, and is rarely intimate with her. For this reason, Yana loves to flirt with other men, on one hand to feel wanted, on another to make her husband jelous … but he seems completely disinterested in her flirtations, which drives her out of his mind.

Yana knows that what Yawar Supay most admires about her is her efectiveness as a warrior. And Yana proudly fights beside her husband, hoping that one day this admiration will become the love she so longs for.


By having Anquwillka’s blood running through her veins, Yana is endowed with superhuman vitality, which gives her superior physical resistance and the ability to regenerate her body from moderate level wounds and injuries.


Yana is the owner of the Tenebrum Hypervisic Force Weapon, which was handed to her by Amaru Wiraqucha. This weapon gives her limited control over Primordial Potensity (the fourth Primordial Spiral, also known as “dark electricity” which can nullify electricity and other types of energy).

The weapon is composed of 3 parts: the Potensic Goblet, the Potensic Bow, and the Potensic Arrows.


The Potensic Bow is used to shoot Potensic Arrows over long distances.

It can also be used as a fighting staff that can be energized with potentisity to shock enemies.


The Potensic Goblet generates golden threads of silk that can be used to entrap enemies and can be potensified to shock them.

The golden silk can also be used to create whips, boleadoras, and grenades which can be energized with explosive potensic energy.


The Potensic Goblet can also generate Potensic Arrows which can be imbued with Potensic energy of increasingly explosive levels.

Yana Uru™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior with high power weaponry and long distance attacks.
Fighters have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Reach
• Energized Power: Overload



Yana can make long-range attacks by throwing Arrows with her Potentic Bow.


Yana can generate high voltage Gold Arrows to launch with her Potentic Arc.