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Waqaychaq Mama

Waqaychaq Mama

(pronounced “wakahy-chaj mahmah”)

Waqaychaq Mama, also known as “The Guardian”, is the guardian of the Kanchay Wasi and the protective spirit of the young Inka nation.

Self-condemned to always inhabit the halls of the Kanchay Wasi for a mistake she made in an ancestral past, she is the custodian of the Inti Disc, the Hawcha Disc, the Elemental Spheres, and is the protector guardian of this Earth.

With the ancestral magic available to her, Waqaychaq Mama provided the Inkas and Quyas with magical weapons to help them defend themselves against their enemies and fulfill their destiny.

Waqaychaq Mama is now only a spiritual being, while her physical body remains dead and mummified in the catacombs of the Kanchay Wasi.


Waqaychaq Mama has knowledge of a multitude of ancestral magics and is capable of performing all kinds of spells.

Waqaychaq Mama lives in a spiritual state that is immune to any physical attack. Although her spiritual body cannot directly affect the physical plane, she can manipulate objects using the Mantle of Illusion and Psychokinesis.


The Mantle of Illusion and Telekinesis allows her to create intangible illusions that can interact with physical objects through the psychokinesis created by the mantle.

The mantle cannot directly affect the physical world, unless it creates an illusion that accompanies it and catalyzes psychokinesis.

When using this magical mantle, Waqaychaq Mama generally takes the form of a powerful blue Amaru.

Waqaychaq Mama™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Gods rule the destiny of the Warriors and can accept offerings from them to favor them.

Waqaychaq Mama is the protector of the Inka nation, which includes the Inka Ayllu and the Quya Ayllu.