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Sinchi Thupaq

(pronounced “seen-chee too-pahk”, also spelled “Sinchi Tupac” in English)

Sinchi Thupaq is one of the warriors of Chanka royalty.

Being one of the direct descendants of the semi-divine warrior Anquwillka (“Ancovilca”), Sinchi Thupaq is endowed with royal blood that gives his body superhuman vitality.

Disciplined, honorable, and brave, Sinchi Thupaq is an exemplary model for the Chanka army. Because of his great lineage, he is considered royalty and is served by all Chankas. Sinchi likes to enjoy the good things in life, but his obligations as a warrior always come first. Although Sinchi is a dedicated and strict professional warrior with his troops, he is also very sociable and enjoys joking, drinking, and sharing a good time with his troops. He also enjoys his married life and hopes to start his own family soon.

Sinchi loves water, and whenever he is near a sea, lake or river, he enjoys using his magic weapons to surf on the water and entertain himself.

Sinchi has a tense relationship with his older sister Wayra. Although he is overprotective with her (something that annoys and enrages Wayra), he considers her undisciplined and lazy.

Sinchi admires Yawar Supay and is completely loyal to him, capable of giving his life in battle to protect him. He is grateful for the way in which Yawar Supay has turned the Chanka nation into a fearsome force.

Sinchi anxiously awaits the day when all the nations of the Andes succumb to the superior Chanka army, giving way to the formation of a future Chanka Empire.


By having Anquwillka’s blood running through his veins, Sinchi is endowed with superhuman vitality, which gives him superior physical resistance and the ability to regenerate his body from moderate level wounds and injuries.


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Sinchi Thupaq™ specifications for the INKAS: The Legend™ game.



Warrior capable of suprise attacks and seizing enemy objects.
Hunters have the following powers:

• Basic Power: Ambush
• Energized Power: Theft



Sinchi can hide underground and surprise his enemies before they can attack him.


Sinchi can use his Pulsic Rope to steal objects from the distance.